Friday, 15 February 2008

Mystery Selector

I was given some selectors and after about 15 years of languishing in
a damp shed I have dug them out and would like to get a circuit
diagram for them and understand how they work.


I've worked out by looking in Herbert & Procter (that I got for
Christmas) that they are the 2000 type, they have four sets of wipers
and the following other components:-

11 Relays:-
A Type 19/5
G Type 11630A, H Type 11738.6
B Type 9813 , CD Type 11951
F Type 11749.XA, D Type 11344
E Type 11847, HS Type 11631
J Type 5702, WS Type 4712XA

Relay A and relay D are red the rest are green
Relays F and HS have clear plastic covers on their contacts
Relay A has a u shaped metal shroud around its windings
There are 3 resistors R3,R4,R5 200,200,450 Ohms next to Relay A
and 3 caps C1= 1+1 uF C2= ?,C3= ?

MR1,MR2,RB1,R2,R5,R7,C2,C3 are inside a fold out lid.

On the front is what I assume is a test jack (labelled 21J.HAA/4 TJ),
it has three rows of contacts.
The top row has 2 contacts far left with a red (I assume fuse) marked
N, and far right a bulb
The second and third (bottom) rows both have 6 contacts, the second
row has what looks like a fuse between the 2 right most contacts (just
underneath the bulb)

A label inside says..
NO.2/3225A HAA80
ATW.52180.ISS 6

Ive searched the internet incuding Andy Greening's site but can't
quite get a wiring diagram or even a mention of the thing.

I did find a little snippit about the U connectors on Which
has encouraged me

"Counting from the white line at the centre to the left it's 2, 4 ,6
etc to 32 and to the right 1,3,5 etc to 12 is Battery (ie
-50 v dc) contact 11 is earth (ie 0 v dc).
Incoming line is on 1 and 2, So looping 1 and 2 out to a loop dialling
jellybone will allow you to dial into it. p wire is on 9."

I can't wait to connect a phone to it and see if I get them clicking
and whirring !

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